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Divorce Mediation Services in Atlanta

Going through a separation or divorce can be a scary and trying time in your life, filled with many uncertainties. What will happen to the kids? Who gets the house and/or the car? Will I be able to survive on my own? The Divorce Mediation Center in Atlanta can help you avoid a long, painful, and expensive divorce battle so that you and your spouse can find an amicable solution. We are the only mediation center in Atlanta that offers the Transitions DivorceĀ® method and provides you with a full team of 5 professionals to complete your divorce settlement for one low cost. These professionals include a Coordinator, a CPA, a Mediator and 2 Attorneys who will support and guide your family completely through the divorce process (fee packages ranging from $2800 – $8000).

Some of the issues that are addressed for your family by our Divorce Mediators through mediation include:

  • The restructuring of the family unit: Family divorce mediation will help you and your spouse reach an agreement on issues surrounding divorce custody such as parenting time, child care, education, and more.
  • Financial issues: Our unique process will help you and your spouse reach amicable settlements concerning child support, spousal support, and how your mutual assets and investments will be divided.

Our Divorce Professionals Help You Explore Your Settlement Options

Divorce Mediation is the process in which many divorcing couples use a trained, neutral party to facilitate the resolution of a dispute to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. There are many advantages to using mediation, such as:

  • Significantly cheaper than a litigated divorce, traditional litigated divorces cost an average of $45-50,000
  • Can speed up the divorce process, taking months instead of years
  • Confidentiality for all parties involved
  • You have total control to make decisions about your future
  • High rate of success, even among parties with high relational conflict

Reduce the Financial and Emotional Impact of Separation and Divorce

We are a family advocacy dedicated to helping families reach divorce settlements that will please both you and your partner equally. Our comprehensive service packages offer the expertise of a seasoned team of professionals that will guide you through the complicated process of divorce while minimizing the cost and conflict. Contact us before you hire an attorney to see how we can serve your family in the most cost effective way.

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