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Why Opt For A Mediated Divorce In Atlanta?

It saves the family tens of thousands of dollars! In traditional divorce proceedings, attorneys vie with each other to get the “winning” outcome at an average sticker price of $50,000 or more to the family. The process is an adversarial one which is intended to ultimately produce a “winner” and a “loser”. Not only is this method of settlement not helpful to either spouse, it also fuels further resentment which can cause on-going problems when it comes to post-divorce matters, particularly when children are involved. Mediated divorce involves working with objective third party divorce mediators to reach a mutually satisfying agreement that stands a good chance of long term success, and keeps costs to a minimum. Divorce mediation is growing in popularity across Atlanta as a more economical and ultimately more effective alternative to a litigated court process.

Why should I use your Divorce Mediation Center versus another mediation firm?

Our Transitions Divorce® services differ from other mediation firms in that we are the only center in Atlanta that provides your family the full team of 5 professionals you require to complete a divorce settlement for one low multi-service bundled price (the case coordinator, an accountant, a mediator, and 2 attorneys). We are a full service divorce center who carries your family from beginning to end. Other mediation firms only offer mediation services, which is only one piece of the services you will require.

What Qualifications Do Your Professionals Have?

Our skilled divorce support team is certified to practice in their particular discipline, holding a suitable license from their relevant professional body such as the CPA Association or GA Bar Association and our Mediators are registered to provide services in all counties in the metro-Atlanta area. Each professional divorce mediator has a minimum of ten-years of experience in their field, ensuring they bring a wealth of knowledge to your case. Please note that we do not accept fees or referrals from professional bodies, so you can be confident of our integrity and commitment to fair service.

Can I bring my own Attorney to the Transitions Resource Mediation Center?

No, we will provide you with seasoned Attorneys that we have reduced rate agreements with to minimize your expenses. We carefully screen the Attorneys that will represent our clients to ensure that they are properly credentialed and intend to represent your best interests in reaching a win/win agreement for both parties. They have experience in mediation and the cooperative approach to practicing law and are negotiation driven rather than litigation driven.

Do I Need An Attorney?

You don’t require an attorney for the mediation process, but we recommend you appoint one of our team attorneys for assistance in ensuring that the divorce papers you file are all legally constituted. Divorce is a legal process and one should always seek legal counsel before filing any legal documents.

What Preparation Should I Undertake Before Mediation?

You will need to collect appropriate financial information in order to prepare for mediation.  Your Divorce Services Coordinator will be able to tell you exactly what’s needed and help you have it ready for when mediation begins. As part of the mediation process, a Certified Public Accountant with a specialty in Divorce Financial Planning will help to prepare a comprehensive recommendation for the  financial settlement which will form the basis of your mediation discussions.

I’m too Angry or Hurt to Undertake Mediation Successfully

Even in relatively amicable divorce proceedings, there is likely to be a considerable amount of emotional turmoil or resentment experienced by one or both parties. In some cases clients’ state of mind can disrupt communication to the extent that occasionally a mediator will converse between parties who are sitting in different rooms. Although in a few cases mediation doesn’t work, for many couples a skilled mediator can make the process work smoothly, even if the parties involved feel considerable antipathy towards one another. All our mediators are professionally trained and experienced, and are used to working in a mediation situation were tensions run high at times. Provided both parties are frank and honest in their expectations for divorce custody arrangements and other issues, mediation should provide an excellent option.

What Happens When Mediation Is Over?

The purpose of mediation is to reach a mutually agreeable and beneficial resolution of the issues pertinent to the divorce or separation. Once suitable mutual terms have been reached, the results are drafted into a “Memorandum of Understanding” or a “Separation Agreement”. For a divorce, the attorneys from our team will then convert the document into a formal divorce decree settlement document which complies with the Georgia Civil Family Courts to be filed.

How Much Will My Mediated Divorce Cost?

It should be mentioned that using mediation is almost invariably cheaper than opting for an adversarial court process, as there is less attorney involvement and agreement can frequently be reached more quickly. On the average the Transitions Divorce® costs between $6,000 and $8,000. Once the family has received the financial settlement recommendation from the CPA, typically six hours of mediation is more than enough to reach a suitable agreement between the parties in a standard divorce case. This is estimated to be around $40,000 less than the cost of each party hiring an attorney to battle the matter out in court. Taking advantage of your Family Coordinator’s resources, and ensuring that you’re well prepared, all helps to ensure a successful outcome within a matter of hours. Should further mediation be required, then fees are adjusted accordingly beyond the examples outlined.

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