Divorce Specialist CPA

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Our Divorce Specialist CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who is a Financial Analyst that specializes in Divorce Planning will work directly with your family to establish the most efficient financial plan for the family as it transitions from one household into two. This guidance is one of the most important pieces to our cost-saving method of divorce. Often families fail to do this research prior to settlement and find one or both partners in detrimental financial struggles shortly after settlement because they agreed to terms or were court ordered terms by a Judge that did not ensure their financial stability post divorce.

The recommendation for your family will include best advisement for:

  • Key items to a Divorce Financial Settlement
  • Distribution of marital assets for each spouse
  • Calculation of recommended alimony payments
  • Calculation of recommended child support payments if there are minor children
  • Separate expense budgets established for the two new households when spouses separate
  • Tax implications and recommendations for maximum benefits for filings per spouse
  • Recommendation for reduction of marital debt if needed
  • Long range planning for individual net worth growth of both partners

This financial analysis and recommendation is a practical approach to prepare the family for upcoming changes related to divorce. It empowers both spouses to make informed decisions when mediating a divorce settlement. Once the financial recommendation has been presented to you, you then are offered the option to schedule a divorce mediation. Often-times an actual divorce mediation is not even necessary when spouses can agree on key points in the financial recommendation.