Transitions Divorce Services

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Divorce Settlement Services

We offer full divorce settlement services


The Transitions Resource Family Divorce Mediation Centers in Atlanta offer ALL of the professional support your family needs for full temporary separation or divorce settlement services at one low cost. Families engage the centers for complete separation or divorce support offered in 2 or 3 phases. We can also provide divorce settlement modification services should the need arise for your family. We provide our clients with a team of seasoned professionals that include:

  • A Divorce Specialist CPA Financial Analyst who will sit down with the family and provide a comprehensive financial separation or divorce settlement recommendation that includes how to divide family assets, calculations of alimony (spousal support if applicable) and child support calculations (if applicable). The recommendation is family focused, showing your family how to transition from one household into two, establishing budgets for both households to minimize expenses and taking tax implications (benefits/deductions) into consideration for both future households.


  • Seasoned GA Registered Divorce Mediators who facilitate a Separation Agreement, Divorce Settlement and/or Parenting Plan mediation if necessary. Our Mediators assist families with resolution of any lingering financial disputes post the CPA recommendation and also help parents to establish a divorce parenting plan/custody agreement when needed. Often in phase one, the CPA prepares such a comprehensive and practical financial plan that an actual financial mediation session is not needed.


  • Two Attorneys (one to represent each spouse) to create the ‘Petition for Divorce” document and all Divorce Settlement Documents and file the documents with the appropriate county


Our alternative method of services called the Transitions Divorce method substantially reduces the costs of the divorce process and allows spouses to completely avoid the litigious divorce court process which can be so costly to the family wallet and emotionally wounding to your family. Our Divorce Services Coordinator will meet with you and your spouse (together or separately) for a free consultation to explain why our method is saving families from unnecessary suffering and conflict (associated with divorce court) and protecting your family checkbook. Most of our clients complete the process and reach divorce settlements for less than $8000.