Divorce Services Coordinator

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When you meet with our Divorce Services Coordinator for your free consultation in one of our Atlanta area Divorce Mediation Centers, we will explain our alternative method of divorce services called the Transitions Divorce Method ® and help educate your family on the variety of options your family has to finalize your divorce.

We will assess the level of guidance and divorce support you will need and establish a customized cost-efficient system for your family.

Should your family choose to engage the Family Mediation Center in divorce services, your Divorce Services Coordinator will guide you through a simple and practical three stage process to care for your family through this difficult time.

The Divorce Services Coordinator will also have available our books  Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook and Family Divorce 101-A Guide to What Divorcing Families Should Know  ($45- Amazon) however you are under no obligation to purchase the books.

Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook

Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook helps guide families on preparing before filing for divorce