Divorce Mediator

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Once your family has been presented the Divorce Planning Analysis by our Divorce Specialist CPA you are well prepared and then offered the opportunity to schedule a Divorce Mediation with our seasoned Registered Divorce Mediator. You and your spouse can decline the mediation services if you fully agree on financial terms and custodial terms of your minor children.

However, if there remain a few unresolved issues, your family may choose to take advantage of our mediation services. A Divorce Mediator is assigned to your family and a mediation date convenient to all parties is established. When both spouses are fully informed of the possible resolutions of a particular issue, a Mediation session can be more effective in reaching a win/win solution for all.

You and your spouse may choose to mediate exclusively with the mediator or may have your family team Attorneys attend the mediation with you.

At the close of the divorce mediation session, the Divorce Mediator will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties that is then given to one of the two Divorce Attorneys on your family team to then prepare the final Petition for Divorce and Final Divorce Settlement documents.