Divorce Attorney

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Our Divorce Mediation Centers will provide your family with two Divorce Attorneys; one Divorce Attorney to represent each spouse. You may choose to have these Attorneys attend your mediation session with you or simply seek their representation to prepare, review and file your final divorce settlement documents.

These Attorneys support our practical, low-conflict, cost-saving Transitions Divorce ® method of services and have contracted with us and agreed to offer our clients reasonable hourly rates to save your family from unnecessary professional fees. They are committed to helping your family avoid the costly, emotionally wounding, litigious divorce court process.

Due to the protection of the integrity of our alternative Transitions Divorce method of divorce, we do not allow our clients to bring their own Attorneys into our Mediation Center mediation sessions nor divorce services process. Many Attorneys are unfamiliar with our alternative Transitions Divorce method of divorce services which can be confusing to them, not in support of their adversarial training and can end up costing your family unnecessary fees and derail our process to serve you.  This ensures your family the most cost-efficient, low-conflict process as possible.