Cost of Divorce Services

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When you meet with our Divorce Services Coordinator for your free consultation they will share with you the cost of the Transitions Divorce® services and the multiple fee packages your family can choose from. The cost of these divorce services is based on the level of professional divorce support you prefer. This consultation usually takes about one hour. You and your spouse can attend the consultation together, or if you prefer, can meet with the Divorce Services Coordinator separately.

Our services are broken down into 3 phases (financial recommendation/mediation of financial settlement and parenting plan/legal document preparation). Clients pick and choose what phases they want to use the center for and what level of professionals will assist their family. If they need not mediate, nor legal assistance in filing the documents they will not need to use phase 2 or 3 services. The fee packages range from $2800 to $8500 (the higher ranges are for families with more complicated marital assets and include an in-depth financial analysis in order to recommend the most beneficial financial settlement for both partners). The average Family Mediation Center family client usually completes their Transitions Divorce case for $8000 or less. We have taken great care to structure our fees to ensure that your family funds are spent wisely, efficiently and you don’t pay for services you don’t need.

The fees related to the services are specified by each phase of the Transitions Divorce  ®that we offer. Families pay the fees per phase and choose which professional guidance they desire based on their specific family needs.