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Divorce Mediation Center Client

“The time spent with you was very beneficial for us. Your insight and ideas have made this difficult time easier to navigate. Specifically the one page in the Divorce Prep booklet on how to tell the kids helped us a lot. Our children are comfortable and confident mostly because we followed the suggestions in the booklet… thank you for producing and providing the books, and thank you very much for the time that took to meet with us at a crucial time in our lives. You are a blessing to us and our family.”

Divorce Mediation Center Client

Kelley Linn’s materials and experience to share has been so incredibly helpful. I don’t know what I would have done without her help and advice. I highly recommend contacting her to find out if she can help you the way she did for me.

Mary Helen Thompson

A friend of mine recommended Kelley Linn’s Divorce Prep Book, when my daughter realized she needed a divorce. We purchased the book which was very helpful in several ways. They learned that they did not have to go to court, and they could save a lot of money that way. We are very grateful to have had the Divorce Prep Book to help guide her through a painful experience. I would gladly recommend Kelley Linn to anyone contemplating a divorce.

Divorce Mediation Center Client

The Divorce Prep Workbook has helped me so much! I also followed their recommendation and retained an attorney that they provided.


Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook

Transitions Divorce Prep Workbook contains information on how to avoid costly pitfalls in divorce cases



Family Divorce 101-A Guide to What Divorcing Families Should Know

A Guide to What Divorcing Families Should Know



Family Divorce Therapy 101

A Clinician’s Guide to Best Practices When Treating Families Pre/During/Post Divorce



Transitions Resource Recover/Discover Workbook

This workbook is a 13 session therapy guide for Divorcees that helps them process the grief associated with divorce



Transitions Resource Recover/Discover in God’s Word Workbook

This workbook is a 13 session faith based therapy guide to help Divorcees process grief associated with divorce