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Divorce is never an easy process, with both parties enduring considerable emotional hardship as well as potentially incurring significant financial stress. We are not just a Mediation Service, we are a full Divorce Service Center who advocates for the family to minimize costs and conflict between divorcing/separating partners. We have created an entirely new method of divorce for divorcing couples to use in order to minimize the distress, misery and monetary difficulties that a divorce can bring, helping individuals move forward as painlessly as possible. We offer a BETTER method of divorce called “Transitions Divorce”® focused on minimizing conflict and expense to enhance post-divorce relations.

What differentiates Transitions Resource from other divorce support resources is that all of our professionals and resources are thoroughly screened based on past performance and client testimonials in their field of expertise. Transitions Resource does not receive referral fees from the professionals we provide to serve our family clients. We do not sell “sponsorships” to professionals for placement on our “trusted referral list.” There is no monetary relationship with our professional associates, only a shared mutual commitment to uphold the policies of our advocacy to minimize the financial and emotional impact of divorce on a family.

We have produced a common sense guide to preparing for a divorce, guiding you on how to save money on professional legal fees as well as other recommendations relating to divorcing families. Our books, Transitions A Divorce Prep Workbook, and Family Divorce 101- A Guide to What Divorcing Families Should Know are available here on our site as well as on Amazon. We have also published 3 additional books for the Family Counseling industry.

We have been distinguished annual presenters at national professional counseling state conferences (LPCA and NASW) since 2012, and at the Conasauga Family Violence Conference at Dalton State College in 2013.

In 2015 we opened 3 Family Divorce Mediation Centers in Georgia and introduced an alternative method of divorce settlement called the “Transitions Divorce”® method. These Mediation Centers offer complete divorce services and divorce support to families. For low cost fees, a team of 5 seasoned professionals (a Case Coordinator, CPA, Mediator and 2 Attorneys) guides a family through the complete divorce process while avoiding the costly divorce court process, which saves a family approximately 90% of the cost of the average litigated divorce.